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Nail it!

The Summer season is lacking some vitality.. Why not make up for it with some super fun nail art?!
The fascination of ‘nail art’ has been around for the past few years with the likes of nail art pens, nail wraps, nail tattoos and crackling nail varnishes, each giving a unique and crazy look!
A firm favourite across all nail art lovers are animal prints, namely leopard print which is always considered chic and stylish.

Nail Art company ‘Nail Rock’ have a variety of leopard print nail wraps, each creating a fabulous and individual  look, ranging from the classic browns and ginger colours, to metallics and also neons, flattering any outfit.

The leopard print pattern is very easy to emulate, and can be created very easily in just a few simple steps with the right equipment!

Get nails like THIS without using nail wraps in 5 easy steps…

STEP 1: File your nails down so that they’re all an equal length – even if some are much longer than others and you’re trying to grow them, it’s better for them to all be one length and that way, they can all grow at the same rate, instead of some being visibly longer than others.

STEP 2: Apply a base coat to your nails to protect your nails from any colour damage, making sure they’re always in pristine condition.

STEP 3: Choose your colours. To create a traditional leopard print, choose a nude colour, a brown, and a black nail art pen.

STEP 4: Apply a nude coat to your nails – this will act as the base colour. Topshop do a great nude colour named ‘Mannequin’ which would work a treat for this step. Wait until this coat is dry to apply a second coat until the colour is fully pigmented.

STEP 5: Once the base coat has dried, create ‘splodges’ of your second darker colour onto your nail. Don’t worry about making any particular pattern or making it neat as it’s totally not necessary!

STEP 6: Wait for this layer to dry and use your black nail art pen to outline the ‘splodges’. Rio Professional Nail Art Kit contains a selection of coloured nail pens and thin brushes and is great for creating patterns.  Make sure that there is no excess varnish on the nail brush/nib of the pen and slowly outline the splodges creating ‘c’ shapes. To fill the spaces in between the base coat and the pattern, add black dots and small lines.

STEP 7: Allow the pattern to dry fully before applying a base coat, making sure that the black doesn’t smudge throughout the pattern. The top coat will create a shine and secure the pattern, minimising chances of chipping!

…And voila!

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